jeudi 31 mars 2011

No image post

Though I don't like to write a post without any illustration, I'm feeling the urge to say, yes I am still here and sewing.
I am fighting with DS pea jacket. It's turning out fine but slowly.

I am trying my best with the notch collar. Pictures have been taken, but I spend too much time sewing and searching for tips and different methods to sew a notch collar.
I finally made the decision to use this tutorial
I am quite anxious to master the collar as it the focus point in a jacket IMO.
I must say that never before have I realy been so conscious of the importance of what is called the "turn of cloth".

More on this later...

mercredi 23 mars 2011

"Tribute to Dame Elizabeth Taylor"

In addition to being a Hollywood Legend she took risks to fight AIDS. More about this here

Rest In Peace Elizabeth Taylor, you will always live in our hearts.

jeudi 17 mars 2011

Prions pour le Japon / pray for Japan

tuto "les ruches"

Yesterday I read Kathleen's  post in Fashion Incubator discussing the difference between tucks and pleats.
In the comments Marilyn  mentionned that some "fashionisti" snobs used the french term "ruche" instead of gather or gathering.
To confirm her assertion here's a tutorial I found in my personnal library concerning "ruches". These are much more tan simple gathers.






ruches 5

ruches 6


Hopefully, this will be of some help or interest to somebody.

The french explanations may be somewhat confusing but the images speak for themselves.

mardi 15 mars 2011

Les nouveaux Marfy sont arrivés

Commençons deux robes très habillées qui me font rêver mais que je ne porterai que dans une autre vie...

J'ai retenu cette veste car j'aime beaucoup l'utilisation des rayures. De toutes façon, je ne changerai jamais ce sont toujours les vestes que je préfère à toute autre pièce dans une garde-robe

Bien que déjà vu, ce petit haut n'est pas pour me déplaire, sans doute en raison des coloris
Je pense qu'on peut facilement adapter un patron ( Burda Style Magazine) si l'on veut reproduire cette blouse

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Je termine cette sélection par un modèle safari "de luxe" plein de détails séduisants, zip, pour le côté pratique et jolies finitions style trench

samedi 12 mars 2011

caban burda 08/2009/142

I might enter this project in Pattern Review contest "Lined Jacket" if it is finished on time.
Below, Burda Magazine version

The muslin :

Victor reluctantly modeling the muslin after is has neen altered

I started by the lining :

I used a Burberry style plaid and followed  Tasia complete instructions to match plaids
folded fabric right side inside

matching plaid before laying out the pattern pieces

pinned fabric to match plaid on both layers of fabric

the whole piece of fabric is pined

seam lines are marked with tailor's tacks
Expert Ann Rowley gives excellent instructions about it here 

tailor's tacks on the wrong side of the other layer of fabric

tailor's tack before cutting

marked right sides of back pieces ready to be sewn together

center back seam before basting the ease pleat.

The back pleat of the lining is pressed and machine featherstitched through all layers  at neckline, waist, and lower edge.

Closer view of the featherstich

Closer view of the back pleat

plaid is perfectly matche. Yeah me !!! I just want to add that tailor tacks seem time consuming but result is worth the effort. I achieved perfectly matched seams without basting just pinning !!!!
Thanks to Ann and Tasia for their invaluables expertise.

jeudi 10 mars 2011

New SAL, I'm so excited

Sherry organise un SAL consacré aux techniques de couture tailleur telles qu'elles sont utilisées dans le prêt-à-porter. Choisissez une veste ou un manteau et participez comme moi. J'hésite entre plusieurs modèles Burda. Ce n'est pas cela qui manque. J'avoue que j'adore les vestes et les manteaux, mais j'ai un peu peur de me lancer seule dans un projet aussi ambitieux. Départ le 1er avril, ce qui nous laisse le temps de préparer notre toile et de choisir notre patron. J'ai hâte....